Serena Williams‘ husband, tech entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian, is always on daddy duty, and people love it. Ohanian recently shared a picture of him attempting to master styling his daughter Olympia’s natural hair.

The picture shows Ohanian determined but struggling to make his way through finishing his daughter’s hair while Olympia is visibly ready for him to throw in the towel.

The dad tweeted the photo with a laughing emoji and the following caption: “When you’re stuck with the new guy at the salon. And he’s taking too damn long.”

Tweet Courtesy of @alexisohanian

Although her dad was giving it the ultimate try, Olympia’s blank expression seems to indicate her waning patience. As the picture made its rounds on social media, people gave kudos to the dad for learning how to care for his daughter’s natural hair. One follower jumped in the comments, asking Ohanian how he became comfortable working on his daughter’s hair. He revealed it was a shared effort, as it included the help of his tennis champion wife.

Tweet Courtesy of @jamesrapoport

Another dropped off some Black girl magic and gave him some tips to “tighten” up.

Tweet Courtesy of @MsCryptomom1

One mom even shared a picture of a fellow girl dad working on his daughter’s crown to provide moral support.

While many fans loved to see the doting dad in action, they couldn’t ignore the hilarious fact that Olympia seemed over it.

Followers requested Ohanian to share pictures of the final product for them to critique. The dad responded that he called in reinforcements in the form of his currently pregnant wife.


What do you think? Should Dad stick to pancakes, or will Olympia book another appointment?