nullThe new short film Ali Speaks, a collaboration between actor Eddie Goines II and filmmaker (who goes by one name) Foley, makes its premiere tomorrow, May 23, exclusively online on YouTube and other website outlets.

According to Goines, who plays Ali in the short,  the film was made to honor and document the "Greatest of All Time."

s he explained: "I wanted to collaborate with a great visionary artist like Foley and really make something powerful on this incredible force that Muhammad Ali was and is. I just don't think we've ever had anything really evoke his impact on society and we're excited about what this piece is going to display to the world."

As for going the online route instead of the usual film festival circuit, that was intentional according to Foley.

As he said: "We could have gone the film festival route, but this is the sort of piece that we feel needs to seen by the masses. I really believe it's going to be incredible."