A screening update on a project we’ve been following for about 2 years now since its Indiegogo campaign was posted here – award-winning British filmmaker, Pratibha Parmar’s documentary feature film about writer and activist Alice Walker, titled Alice Walker: Beauty In Truth, will be a Gala screening at the 2013 installment of the African Diaspora International Film Festival (ADIFF) in NYC, which runs from November 29 to December 15, presented by ArtMattan Productions.

The film, which includes contributions from Danny Glover and Steven Spielberg, among others, was in the making for some 5 years with a rough cut completed after the filmmaker was able to raise a whopping $55,000 via IndieGoGo in 2011.

This film looks at key moments in the life of artist, self-confessed renegade and outlaw, Alice Walker, and follows the extraordinary journey of Walker from a childhood of poverty and racist violence in the segregated South, her subsequent involvement in the civil rights movement (including her historic interracial marriage), to the release of the groundbreaking and wildly successful novel The Color Purple and its subsequent controversial Hollywood movie adaptation.

If you’re in New York City, or will be, during the weekend of December 7th, it’ll screen at the ADIFF, at Teachers College.

To pre-purchase tickets and passes to ADIFF 2013, click HERE.

And here’s an old preview of the film (I’m sure a new one will be cut eventually):