In a recent interview, Alicia Keys talked about her decision to give up makeup in 2016, why it was a freeing moment for her and the latest products offered by her beauty brand.

The “Girl on Fire” artist told InStyle that she experienced many ups and downs during the early stages of her career. She said those moments in her life are what motivated her to focus on spiritual growth and self-discovery.

“I think that the biggest thing that I really learned is having that relationship with yourself,” she told the outlet. “So you know how to regulate these emotions or these stress factors. It’s really one step to finding not only your peace but then your own inner beauty because it’s coming from that space.”

Keys‘ self journey also reflected how she wanted to be viewed in public. When she famously decided to give up makeup in 2016, the 42-year-old said it was a “rebellious moment” for her and that it was more than just beauty and makeup — it was about reconnecting with herself.

“When I had my rebellious moment, which obviously the world witnessed with me, I was just getting to know myself,” the New York native explained.

The songstress was determined to shed societal beauty standards and what women were taught to look like. Instead, she fearlessly displayed what she believed was beautiful.

“As I started to get more into that personal relationship with myself, that’s when I started realizing, ‘Okay, it’s not about anything specific,’’’ Keys said.

Keys has since started wearing makeup again, but she said it’s about deciding to do so on her own terms and not trying to meet external beauty standards.

“It’s not about makeup or no makeup,” she said. “It’s not about mascara or no mascara. It’s not about lipstick or no lipstick. That’s not what it’s about. What it’s about is, how do you want to express yourself, and what space do you want to claim for yourself. And what boundaries do you want for yourself?”

Keys applied everything she learned and launched her beauty brand Keys Soulcare in September 2020. Since then, she has released an assortment of products she likes to call “offerings” in the beauty line. The Grammy Award-winning musician recently launched the brand’s new easy-to-use skin tint, which is affordable ($28) for women who want to keep it simple when it comes to wearing makeup.

“Sometimes you need more, sometimes you want less. Sometimes I’m performing. Sometimes I’m chilling,” Keys said, referring to the product.