I missed this in my weekly “New On DVD/Blu-ray/VOD” post earlier this week.

First wrote about it in 2008, when it began its film festival run, on my previous personal blog, The Obenson Report, and continued to do so going into 2009 (playing at over a dozen film fests worldwide, and winning acclaim along the way.

Sean Baker’s Prince Of Broadway was FINALLY picked up for theatrical distribution by Elephant Eye, in a deal that was said to involve director Lee Daniels, who saw and loved the film, and then agreed to help promote it.

It opened on September 3rd , 2010, in New York, but was barely seen, despite mostly good reviews.

The synopsis: Lucky rules New York. Well, at least the short strip of sidewalk where he runs a nonstop spiel hustling wary tourists into the back room of a clothing store to sell them all manner of knock-off designer merchandise. Watching Lucky work his magic, anything seems possible for the Ghanaian immigrant – right up until his ex-girlfriend drops their 2-year-old son in his arms and disappears.

Newcomer Prince Adu stars as Lucky.

I unfortunately never did get to see the festival award-winning film, but, now that it’s available on DVD (as of October 18th), I most certainly will. You can find it on sale on Amazon.com for about $15 (HERE), as well as a VOD rental ($3.99) and purchase ($9.99) (both HERE). Netflix has it on DVD only.

Choices… choices…

The trailer follows below as a refresher: