This week consisted of frantic last-minute scrambling to meet deadlines, several 3 a.m.-ers and frenzied attempts to somehow be creative in the midst of it all. It’s called life, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit that some of this chaos was self-imposed…okay, most of it.

Seriously Eb, how many of these deadlines have you known about for weeks? Why did you binge watch that ‘Bring It!’ marathon knowing what you had to get done? For real? You really just lost a half-hour of your life scrolling through Twitter? The real question is — What is this masochistic obsession I have with flirting with disaster?

The self-sabotage is real in these streets. For me, it most often looks like procrastination, but it can show up differently for different people. Avoidance, extreme defensiveness, binging out on unhealthy vices or all-together neglecting responsibility are just a few of the ways we can hinder our own success. According to a study published in Psychology Today, when it comes to chronic self-sabotage, the culprit can typically be traced to feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness. If this is true, how does one go about stopping this harmful cycle of self-sabotage?

Here are a few mechanisms that might prove helpful to jolt yourself out of self-imposed destruction and on the path to productivity.

Internal pep talk

Photo: YouTube

There’s nothing wrong with a little internal coaching when you feel yourself spiraling downward.

Accountability partnership


Lean on someone you can trust — that you know has your best interest at heart — for a good ol’ fashioned read to call you on your junk.

YouTube inspiration

Call me cheesy, but when feeling especially unproductive, there’s nothing like a good Ted Talk or motivational mash-up to whip me into shape. This one right here gives me perpetual life!

Recall your wins


My procrastination really kicks into high gear when I’m faced with new challenges that take me outside of my comfort zone. Trying new things can be scary. Sometimes it’s helpful to make a mental list of the many times in the past you’ve successfully conquered new frontiers.


get out of your own way

Seriously, you have direct access to the Divine. Use it!

You’ve got work to do and missions to accomplish! The world needs you and your gifts. Don’t allow yourself to be your own worst enemy. Use every tool at your disposal to get out of your own way and SLAY! You got this.

The transition into adulthood isn’t an easy one. Navigating relationships, managing workplace politics, hitting those milestones on schedule— don’t be fooled, no one knows what they’re doing. There will be all kinds of fumbles, blunders and awkward missteps along the way. If you’re constantly wondering to yourself, “Am I doing this right?” Welcome. This is just the place for you.

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