It’s not like we needed Amandla Stenberg, the newest preeminent symbol of all that is #blackgirlmagic, to do anything else outstanding this week. But, if the 17-year-old phenomenon is teaching us anything, it’s that she is the epitome of unforeseen wonder.

Amandla Stenberg Teen Vogue things black girls are tired of hearing

Stenberg’s most recent undertaking, directing a 3-video #BlackGirlMagic series, is just one more step in her self-assured promenade into, not only our hearts, but also her home in mainstream media.

The first video in the series includes Stenberg, Cipriana Quann, TK WonderJohnetta Elzie, and a few other black girl magic-makers detailing exactly what black girls are tired of hearing.

“You’re pretty for a black girl,” and “You talk white,” of course made the list.

The second video is a collection of hair stories from black women, and the third video, Stenberg’s manifesto on the power and beauty of blackness. In it, she confesses,

Learning to embrace yourself is a constant process.

For some reason, I’m desperately compelled to conclude with, “hashtag, Amandla Stenberg gets it.”

Be sure to watch all 3 videos in the #BlackGirlMagic series on Teen Vogue.