Amber Rose is done having the conversation about her race. On Sunday, the social media influencer shared images of herself rocking a long blonde wig instead of her signature buzz cut while she “had a blast in NYC.”

While Rose looked amazing in her skintight bodycon dress, some followers went after her appearance, even comparing her to the late Jacky Oh. However, a few trolls felt the need to point out that her new hairstyle made her look like a white woman.

“What a nice looking white lady,” one person commented.

“Yes y’all, today she is white,” someone added.

“Harpo, who’s dis [white] woman?” another person asked.

The Shade Room shared the post asking their followers if they considered Rose’s hair a “do or don’t,” however, they addressed everything but her lace front. The trolls sounded off about the College Hill: Celebrity Edition cast member and her racial ambiguity, but Rose jumped in the comments and let quickly shut them down.

“Apparently, me being born perpetuates colorism in the black community. It’s genetics! I can’t help how I look. I don’t try to be anything I’m not,” she wrote. “Just remember white enslavers started colorism to pin us against each other yet in 2023 we’re still having this stupid a** conversation.”

“I’m BLACK and WHITE now leave me the f**k alone about how I look. I can’t crawl back in my moms pu**y and come out darker to make you feel more comfortable with who I am,” she continued. “I am NOT no f*****g white woman stop playing with me. I’m not just a black woman either.”

The mother of two added that it was “unfair to Black women and their experiences” even to say she is just a Black woman.

She also added that she isn’t “delusional” and won’t “act” like she knows what it feels to be treated like a dark or brown-skinned woman because “the world does not treat me [her] like that.”

She ended her statement by clarifying that her response was rooted in respect for Black women.

“That is not me denouncing my blackness that is me saying that out of respect for the black woman’s experience, which I do not have as a fair skinned biracial person. I don’t understand why that is so hard to comprehend?”


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The 39-year-old has responded to questions about her racial identity in the past. The most recent was during an episode of College Hill when Rose got into an altercation with Love & Hip Hop alum Joseline Hernandez, who accused Rose of wanting to be a “white girl.” Although Hernandez attempted to apologize to Rose for “singling” her out over a previously made statement, Rose felt offended because she is biracial and identifies as a Black and white woman.

Despite multiple attempts to rectify the situation, Hernandez was fed up when Rose ignored her apology and urged the Playboy ambassador to “check her.”

“If you gon’ check me, then check me!” Hernandez said. “You know what your problem is?! Your problem is that you really want to be a white girl,” the TV personality told her housemate. “Let’s just get down to the point.”

She continued, “Your problem is that you don’t even want to really be Black.