With the American Black Film Festival (July 6-9) descending on Miami this week, here’s another selection–The Experience–making it’s world premiere in the “Out of Competition” category .

Directed by Addison Henderson, the documentary deals with the subject of identity. Synopsis for the film states:

The Experience is a story about understanding and realizing who we really are. On a pilgrimage to Ghana, West Africa, this personal story follows five individuals in search of the buried history of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. This human journey of understanding one’s self, explores the struggle in finding identity.

This film raises the question of: “what is identity?” Is it merely our DNA make-up, or is it our history that was left behind by our ancestors or does it go deeper?

The Experience is a global story about the human experience of self-realization and living life with purpose.

This is Henderson’s second full feature documentary. His first, Forgotten City (a film documenting the crime plaguing the city of Buffalo,NY) garnered him a few award wins on the festival circuit.