For weeks, fans of ABC’s hit singing competition series American Idol have been directing their anger at the judges for sending home talented performers.

However, for this week’s episode, fans expressed anger toward the show’s audience after they were given the power to eliminate contestants. One of which they sent home was a fan favorite.

1. Fans are fuming over Sir Blyke's elimination

During the latest episode of American Idol, viewers were left heartbroken when talented contestant Sir Blyke was sent home as a result of the audience voting.

Following season frontrunner Kenedi Anderson quitting the show, only one contestant was going to be eliminated from group 2. While group 1 featured Scarlet Ayliz and Danielle Finn’s elimination, group 2 saw Sir Blayke get the chop. After hearing the news of Sir Blayke’s elimination, many angry fans took to Twitter to call out the audience for sending home a good performer.

2. Fans couldn't understand why Sir Blyke was eliminated and Cameron Whitcomb wasn't.

Following Sir Blayke’s elimination, fans flooded Twitter demanding answers as to why the singer was sent home when there were fellow group 2 members who weren’t as good.

“WTH Sir Blayke goes home and Cameron stays. Guess it’s better to be really really bad than boring #AmericanIdol,” one fan tweeted. “Cameron over Sir Blake??!! Come on!!!#AmericanIdol,” someone else wrote. “How in the world do Tristan and Cameron beat out Sir Blayke? #AmericanIdol,” another fan questioned.





4. Fans also called out the audience members for their poor judgment.

“America WTF is the matter with you voting thru Cameron and leaving Sir Blake off the team? #AmericanIdol,” someone expressed. “America voting will NEVER sit right with me #AmericanIdol …. Lady K and Sir Blake being the last 2 and Scarlett being eliminated is not sitting well with me,” seconded a fan.

American Idol airs Sunday and Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

5. Watch his Top 24 performance below: