The 20th season of long-running musical competition American Idol has seen a plethora of memorable auditions from Black contestants so far such as Grace Franklin, Tyler Allen and Taylor Fagins. Now joining them is Virginia native Mike Parker, who also appeared on The Voice.

During his audition, the Virginia native revealed his mother’s medical prognosis, revealing that she was hospitalized the day before he left for his audition. “It could be leukemia,” he admitted. “I feel guilty in a sense being here, but I know this is exactly what she would want.”

Parker then went on to perform his own rendition of “Strawberry Wine” by Deana Carter.

Safe to say, Parker’s audition wowed the judges – Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie. However, it especially stunned Bryan.

“That last green on the vine thing just gave me chill bumps,” Luke Bryan said after Parker’s performance. “If you would just walk out there and just be cool and deliver it really silky, man, it’s gonna crush!” 

When asked what music he listens to, Parker replied he listens to both country and R&B. “Man, I think you’re a country singer. I think you have the potential to be truly amazing,” Bryan added, to which Perry cosigned. “Lean into that country,” she said.


“If I said Top 24, would you prove me right?” Perry asked Parker. “ Could you go even farther than that?” 

It’s no surprise that Parker was given a yes by all three judges.

On The Voice, he was chosen by Jennifer Hudson and made it to the knockout rounds.

Watch Mike Parker’s American Idol audition below.