Another day, another Black reality contestant being robbed of their top spot.

According to MEAWW, America’s Got Talent has angered fans with the results of its finale. One of the Top 11 finalists, saxophonist Avery Dixon, failed to earn a spot in the Top Five, leading fans to feel like the competition failed him.

"Avery got robbed….Really wanted to see him in the top 5," wrote one viewer on social media.

"America got the top 5 very wrong!! Both [singer] Sara James and Avery deserved to be TOP 5!! No doubt about it," wrote another.

"Was stuck between Avery Dixon and the Mayyas to win #AGT," wrote another viewer. "Happy that [Lebanese dance group] the Mayyas won but AVERY NOT EVEN IN THE TOP 3!? I'm flabbergasted."

Another wrote, "Sara James & Avery Dixon just got snubbed…Chapel Hart was horrendous last night."

However, fans felt like it wasn't the end of the road for Dixon.

One wrote, “Avery Dixon will go far. I loooooove him, his talent and his story.” Another wrote that they felt musician Trombone Shorty “will take him under his wing” and  another wrote that they felt Dixon took the loss “with dignity.”

During Dixon's time on the show, judge Simon Cowell gave Dixon a tremendous prediction about the future of his career in show business.

“I promise you, Avery, since the time we first met you to now, something’s changed,” Cowell said. “I’m gonna predict something. I said this about Carrie Underwood years and years and years ago on [‘American Idol’], which is, you’re gonna be a superstar. I promise you, Avery. I actually believe it’s gonna happen, because this was so different. You were great the first time, but this was incredible. Your confidence and your talent, everything is brilliant. I’m so happy for you.”