Amir Locke was fatally shot by Minneapolis police on Wednesday when they entered an apartment while the 22-year-old was sleeping in the living room. 

Before he was killed by police, Locke was in the process of establishing a music business and had filed the necessary paperwork, HuffPost reports. He planned to relocate to Dallas to live near his mother, who helped him create the logo for his business. He also worked as a DoorDash deliverer. 

The young man had no criminal record and had a license and concealed carry permit for his gun, according to HuffPost. Locke also had family members who worked as law enforcement, and was taught by his parents how to interact with police appropriately.

"You took a good kid who was trying to make the best out of his environment, and surpass it and succeed, and he was doing it," Reginald McClure, Locke's family member who works in law enforcement in Texas, said, according to HuffPost. "He was figuring out life, but he was doing it safely."