nullBritish actor Aml Ameen is directing his first American short film called Hoorah this month in London, to be produced by his company AmeenDream Entertainment. We interviewed the actor last month. If you haven't read it, you can find that exclusive HERE.

Ameen will also star in Hoorah, penned by American writer Bruce Purnell, and co-starring British actors in the roles of Americans.

Here's the synopsis:

Hoorah is about a discharged military veteran who discovers his wife
and best friend murdered when he arrives home.

Panicked and surprised, he calls the police, then begins to
investigate the scene for clues.  As he scans the scene he notices
certain objects that look all too familiar.  Travis discovers a
semi-automatic handgun sitting directly across from the lifeless
bodies.  The horrific events that took place begin to unfold.

Ameen will be seen next on the big screen in Olatunde Osunsanmi's thriller Evidence, currently in post-production.

And here's AmeenDream Entertainment's coming-of-age comedy Drink, Drugs and KFC in full; this is Aml Ameen's directorial debut written by him. Drink revolves around a geek who infiltrates the popular crowd on a notorious night to get the girl of his dreams.