A conversation about failing up, inspired by a viral tweet by Matthew Knowles, had social media rethinking the idea of what failure is. In the two-part tweet, Knowles wrote that he would make his daughters, Solange and Beyoncé, practice failure — things like maintaining performance even if the mic cord slips out or continuing to dance with a broken shoe. His idea was to encourage the now superstars to remain calm in the face of perceived failures to ensure overall success.

As it turns out, there’s a holiday that amplifies the very same concept — National Failures Day, observed on August 15. Not to be confused with October’s International Day for Failure, both observances recognize the need for grace and gratitude when trying new things while seeking to motivate people to succeed by sharing the trials and tribulations of successful people.

This tactic is also encouraged by life coaches, including Latasha Bailey, who joined Blavity to discuss seven ways failure can work to your benefit.