When you hear the word “legacy,” what exactly comes to mind? For many entertainers, especially musicians, their legacy can be defined by the body of work that they leave behind. For R&B artist Monica, it’s much more than that. Sure, we’ve fallen in love with the Georgia native over the years for her soulful ballads that have provoked us to reflect on love and life as we know it, but her legacy transcends that. Whether it’s using her platform to encourage Atlanta residents to vote in the 2020 general election or offering her condolences to Young Dolph’s family amid his untimely death, Monica is always down to ride for the community. In moments where celebrities are often criticized for a disconnect between the many perils of reality and the glitzy nature of Hollywood, Monica falls into a category of her own for her unwavering support of the Black community.

To celebrate the “So Gone” singer’s support of the Black community, we’ve compiled a list of the many times she’s pulled up.