Camden Stewart, a beloved pianist who plays music on the streets, found the surprise of a lifetime as he was carrying on with his usual business. Stewart, who has nearly 16,000 subscribers on YouTube, was playing his piano in public when another popular musician in London suddenly decided to join him.

Karim Kamar, a contemporary classical pianist and composer from London, casually walked up to Stewart and sat next to him as he was in the midst of treating the crowd to some soothing sounds. Kamar immediately found a rhythm with Stewart as the two pianist performed flawlessly together on one keyboard.

The stunned people in the area, some who appeared to be shopping in stores nearby, stopped in their tracks and recorded the mesmerizing duet.

Stewart remained focused throughout the entire time, but showed a slight grin at one point as the two pianists continued to vibe. When they finished their performance, the two musicians exchanged a fist bump and smiles, accompanied by applause from the crowd.