A 2-year-old toddler, Noah Eyo, is being hailed as a hero for his resilience after being diagnosed with hepatoblastoma, which is a type of liver cancer. In a video filmed on Nov. 9, the young boy is seen running in the hospital wearing a superhero cape, ready to confront his chemotherapy one last time.

The little boy endured several rounds of chemotherapy while the disease continued to spread to his liver and lungs, causing him to require two lung surgeries and a liver transplant. 

On Aug. 5, Noah underwent transplant surgery and is recovering after visiting the hospital for his final round of chemotherapy. Noah's awe-inspiring fighting spirit and strength caught the eye of the American Childhood Cancer Organization, which made the toddler an ambassador. 

The organization provides support to families with children facing cancer and presented Noah with a care package that came with the gold cape he wore during his last chemotherapy session, according to SWNS.

His mother, Nikki Eyo, a graphic designer from Los Angeles, California, beamed with pride at how her son handled his treatment.

"The American Childhood Cancer Organization have been so supportive in making Noah an ambassador. He helps inspire other sick children and encourages people to donate to their organization to fund further treatment for childhood cancer. When he unwrapped the cape his reaction said it all — he never wants to take it off and it's so sweet. Watching him run head-on into his last round of treatment was quite something — I couldn't be prouder of my baby boy," Noah's mother said, according to People.