A great love story, doesn’t require words. Matthew A. Cherry’s new short film, Forward explores one man’s quest to find a potential love interest and return the purse she left on the train.

Photo: Forward

The beautifully shot silent, 11-minute black-and-white film follows the man’s open heart and endless possibilities of falling in love with a stranger. His pursuit to track her down comes with a photo and his imagination of what she’ll truly be like once they connect. Cherry’s inspiration for ‘Forward’ came after a similar experience on the train. When a lady lost her ID, Cherry says he found her attractive and started to ponder what would happen if he returned her ID and the two hit it off. He added layers to it of course for the cinematic experience, and the resulting love story was just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Photo: Forward

The reviews?

Let us know what you thought of the ending! Did they…or didn’t they?

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