ESPN host Malika Andrews couldn't stop smiling when she shared the TV screen with her sister Kendra Andrews, who is now working as a beat reporter for the Golden State Warriors. Grinning from ear to ear, Malika appeared on the split-screen with her sister and welcomed the newest ESPN member to the crew.

"I'm excited to bring in our new Warriors beat reporter, Kendra Andrews," Malika said. "Kendra, welcome to the team."

The siblings, who were undoubtedly thrilled to share the heartwarming moment, somehow kept their emotions in check and proceeded in a professional manner. Kendra showed off her knowledge when her sister asked her to talk about the state of the Warriors.

Standing tall in front of the ESPN camera, Kendra flawlessly delivered the latest report on the team. She first gave a detailed description of the mood among the players as they are currently going through a slump. Kendra also spoke about the challenge of trying to integrate Klay Thompson back into the team after he missed the last two years due to an injury.

The two sisters graciously said goodbye to each other as Kendra finished up her report.

"We will be watching to see how they can turn this thing around," Malika said as the segment came to a close. "Kendra, thank you so much." 

Malika expressed more emotion when she went to Twitter.

"It’s not every day you get to share the screen with your sister. Welcome to ESPN, @kendra__andrews," she wrote. "I’m endlessly proud of you."