A dad was too excited to snap a photo of the first time his infant daughter watched her mother on TV. Entrepreneur Jay Bailey posted a picture of his baby girl Sage as she sat in her highchair with a look of wonder on her face as she watched mom, NBC News correspondent Blayne Alexander, on television in January.

“You become…what you behold. I’ve been waiting for this very moment for months. For Sage to see her Mother – right in the middle of some of the most important moments in history – her ‘Mommy’ – a living loving example of life long dreams coming true – a powerful woman making it happen personally and professionally. Our little nugget gazing at the screen feeling inspired – feeling loved – feeling proud – seeing her reflection – and knowing without any doubt EVERYTHING is possible,” Bailey captioned the sweet moment. 

Alexander gave birth to the couple's daughter in July 2021, and announced the news to her Instagram followers.

"Sage Milan Bailey. You are everything I prayed for, all I dreamed about and still more incredible than I could have ever imagined. Welcome to the world, sweet girl. You are already the center of ours," she wrote on the Instagram post. 

After six months of maternity leave, the new mama decided to get back in the swing of things, working with Today host Hoda Kotb, as well as the rest of her NBC team, in Atlanta. 

"The past six months have been the most beautifully transformative – and humbling – of my life," the Oklahoma City native shared in a recent update. "So grateful for this time to retreat into a cocoon with my family. For the tremendous love I’ve felt while away. And grateful to return to work – today! – to a career I love and colleagues I adore. To have these two precious eyes watching me is truly all the motivation I need."