CNN's Don Lemon was not the only black anchor to call President Donald Trump what he is. WFAA anchor Alisha Laventure called out Trump and defended her Haitian heritage on the Friday, Jan. 12, 4 p.m newscast. 

The Trump administration has been feeling the heat after the president allegedly called nations like Haiti, El Salvador and several African countries "sh*thole countries" during a bipartisan meeting about immigration. 

This instance is not the first time the president has made derogatory statements about non-white nations. Near the end of last year, the White House denied that Trump said Haitians had aids and that Nigerians would never “go back to their huts” in Africa during another immigration briefing.

His racist statements have forced the media to come to terms with Trump and his history of racism despite possible backlash.

Laventure had time, and she did not wither from the incoming pressure. In the almost three-minute video, the anchor schools Trump on respect, dignity and the courage of immigrants coming to America. Her parents immigrated to the States when they were only children. They had to overcome the language barrier to succeed in this nation.

Even though it was hard, they overcame all odds. While recounting her parents' story, Laventure had to comment on the vulgarity and lack of decorum Trump displayed. She mentions that he should be held to the same standards as anyone else who exhibits such behavior.  

"Why should we accept any less from the President of the United States of America? A country, by the way, that’s played a hand in the poverty Haiti and other nations face today," she said. "We have a right and a responsibility to hold the president to a higher standard. His rhetoric falls far from it. If my job is to report the truth, the truth is, what the president said was hurtful. It was mean. And to be blunt — it was racist.

"If you’re willing to let this language fly, you’re part of the problem. Elected officials, that includes you. Putting America first shouldn’t mean bashing people of other nations trying to achieve the American dream. A little respect goes a long way."