A black woman was trying to get her food stamp hustle on via phone when a white woman decided to take it upon herself to become the "food stamp police."

The white woman approached the black woman and let her know she couldn't legally sell food stamps. As you can predict, that didn't exactly go well. 

The confrontation was caught on video and uploaded to social media:

"You do know this is none of your damn business, right?" asked the black woman.

"Oh, it is my business," retorted the white woman, who was wearing shades indoors at the time of the encounter.

When the black woman asked her to explain just how it was her business, the white woman said it was her conern because she pays taxes.

"I don't give a damn, you didn't pay for these food stamps," the black woman snapped in return. 

The white woman can also be heard saying, "We are going to build this wall” in the video.

What in the unrelated hell?! Do racists just spout any ol' racist talking point nowadays?  

While selling food stamps is an illegal act, we can't help but note the growing trend of white folks refusing to mind their business when it comes to black people doing … anything.  

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