Quinn Ewers, the quarterback for Texas, had a touchdown celebration on Monday night that was reminiscent of guard Ja Morant of the Memphis Grizzlies. LSU forward Angel Reese was trending on social media after criticizing Barstool Sports’s unfair reporting of the two athletes who performed the identical celebratory dance.

On Dec. 26, Morant mocked the New Orleans Pelicans by performing the “Rock Ya Hips,” a dance move that became well-known in New Orleans. The celebration following Morant’s dunk was initially mischaracterized as a celebration involving gunfire.

“Ja spraying imaginary bullets into section 113 after the slam,” Barstool tweeted Tuesday.

Morant recently served a 25-game suspension for actions that were detrimental to the league, which included posting live videos of himself brandishing a firearm on social media.

However, Quinn Ewers’ celebration from the same Barstool Sports account was accompanied by a lighthearted comment. 

“Quinn Ewers is having fun,” Barstool tweeted.

But Reese pointed out the difference in how the media characterized each celebratory dance. She reposted Morant’s and Ewers’ Barstool celebrations’ in comparison.

“lol, I’ve seen this before….” she tweeted.

Last season, Reese received heavy criticism for using a taunting “You can’t see me” hand gesture similar to the one Iowa guard Caitlin Clark used on Reese before. At the end of the national championship game, when LSU beat Iowa for its first title, Reese pointed to the ring finger of her right hand while addressing Clark. Many fans believed Reese was in the wrong and lacked sportsmanship. Clark later stood beside Reese and publicly said she didn’t think Reese should be criticized for trash-talking.