Angela Rye is using her platform to speak out against former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo. Rye revealed sexual harassment allegations against Cuomo during the premiere of her new podcast, Native Land Pod, with co-hosts Andrew Gullium and Tiffany Cross. According to Rye, the 53-year-old TV personality sent her a disturbing message in 2021. The message, according to the former political commentator, included a disturbing note and a an Instagram screenshot which shows Angela wearing a sequin swimsuit.

“Happy New Year, tinsel crotch,” Cuomo allegedly said in his text.  

Rye, who was a regular guest on CNN’s Cuomo Primetime show, said the former anchor caused one of “the most embarrassing, humiliating experiences” experiences she ever faced.

“My story is one that I never thought I’d tell and sits at the intersection, frankly, of power and harassment,” Rye said on her show.

Fighting through tears, Rye said she never expected to be harassed when she posted her bikini photo on New Year’s Day in 2021.

“It all began on New Year’s Day when I posted a picture of myself looking forward to the new year in a gold sequin bikini.” she said. “I read and re-read [the message] a dozen times trying to understand.”

Rye, who is now The CEO of Impact Strategies per Bossip, said she was afraid to speak out for a long time, but she hopes to use her new podcast to encourage other women who have similar stories. The Native Land Pod host said CNN fired her three weeks after she received the disturbing message from Cuomo. Executives  allegedly told Rye that the network is aiming to focus more on COVID coverage instead of political commentary.

The former CNN commentator said the network quickly replaced her with two Black women who were hired as contributors for half the money she was getting.

Cuomo was fired from CNN less than a year later for his alleged role in the sexual harrasment case of his brother Andrew Cuomo. As the former New York governor faced sexual assault allegations, Cuomo was accused of giving his brother tips about stories that were being written about him.

Rye said Cuomo messaged her from a new phone number in 2023 and asked her if she was angry with him.

“I was, but I was really mad at myself,” Rye said, per The Wrap. “I was mad at myself for not saying anything sooner. Because I was lacking courage and preferring my financial well-being over my mental health not standing up for women who are often left powerless in these situations.”

As Rye told her story on the podcast, co-host Cross shared her own experience and reminded her friend that she is not alone in her fight.

“We’ve all experienced something like that, as you know, from civil rights leaders to members of Congress to people we know,” she said. “There’s a civil rights leader who used to call me and say: ‘I just want to talk to the twins,’ referring to my breasts.”

Rye made it clear that she will never be silenced again.

“So no Chris, I won’t be a guest on your program now or later. Thank you for the platform. It was not worth all of the mental and emotional turmoil,” she said. “And I thank God that I’m clear about the fact that you can’t take away a voice you never created. You, or the network executives who enabled you.”