We already know about and have alerted you to the upcoming BounceTV network; and now there’s this… from Broadcasting & Cable (h/t Dankwa for the link):

A group of investors including former FCC Commissioner Tyrone Brown, TIAA-CREF CEO Roger Ferguson, syndicated columnist Clarence Page and former GE and NBC exec Paul Besson, are backing the launch of a new nonfiction programming based African American-targeted cable and satellite net, the Black Heritage Network.

According to former WUSA-TV GM Richard Reingold, who will be CEO of the new net, BHN is in “serious” talks with the major distributors and expects to have about seven million subs at launch, which is targeted for December of this year.

One series already in the works is Basketballs’ Best in cooperation with the NBA. “We have the strong support of [NBA] Commissioner David Stern,” said Reingold. It also has a licensing agreement with CBS News. “We have access to a large portion of the CBS News library,” he says, but it will also put that content in context with updated commentary. “So, if it is the march on Washington somebody knows what was going on in America in 1963.” BHN is branding the content as “life in the moment.”

You can read the rest HERE if you’d like. In a nutshell… The network will combine original programs (none-scripted) with the classics; they’re marketing as “a mix of Discovery and History Channel targeted at a “slightly older, educated, affluent audience” than its competition.”;” its competition being, in addition to BounceTV, BET, and TVOne also.

Check out the network’s website, which is still in construction, HERE.