Film and unconfirmed casting details have just been released by K5 Media Group – the company handling worldwide sales for the project.

The prison break drama Liberty Lane, currently in pre-production, will be directed by Ezna Sands from a script written by Sands with Dean Zanuck and Scott Fisher producing.

Anthony Mackie is rumored for the role of Arthur and Xzibit for a character named Trojan, according to K5 Media Group. Cillian Murphy is also rumored to star, perhaps in the lead role of Woody King.

The film’s synopsis states:

Con artist Woody King rarely loses his cool even when faced with sharing a prison cell with a fearsome cop killer and prison yard enforcer Arthur Malveaux with whom he must share a cell. But Woody finds himself uncharacteristically and deeply touched when he learns that Arthur’s son is dying but doesn’t know it because he can’t read his son’s letters. Ignoring the huge risks Woody persuades Arthur to join him in a prison break in order to reunite the man with his son before it is too late.

Mackie and Xzibit worked together in 2008’s American Violet, starring Nicole Beharie and Alfre Woodard.

I will provide more official updates as they develop. The film is set for release in 2012.