Another opportunity worth taking full advantage of; if the idea of working with acclaimed, award-winning documentarian Stanley Nelson and his team of writers, editors, producers, fundraising specialists, etc, doesn't at all entice you, then, well, it's your loss! 🙂

The details of this producers lab follow below, courtesy of Firelight Media; and, by the way, the deadline has been extended to April 27th, THIS FRIDAY! So act now and act fast.

Firelight Media’s Producers’ Lab is a mentorship program for independent diverse producers. Participating producers work with award-winning filmmaker, Stanley Nelson, and his team of senior producers, writers, editors, new media, and fundraising specialists to complete their projects for a national broadcast. The Lab also provides quarterly workshops and seminars to our producers on relevant and contemporary topics.

Mable Haddock spearheads this exciting project as Director. Haddock served as founding President and CEO of the National Black Program Consortium (NBPC) for 25 years.

Firelight Media started the Producers’ Lab as a way to provide infrastructure support for diverse producers to help overcome some of the barriers to completing their film or video. Services include support and consultation in the areas of writing, treatments, budgeting, script development, editing, and other areas as needed. In the future, we will have editing suites, a screening room, and a safe place for producers to create and complete their work.

So far, Firelight Media has accepted 19 producers, with three graduates so far.

CLICK HERE for profiles of current Producers’ Lab filmmakers and their projects.

Firelight Media is looking for diverse producers who have work which is aimed for a national schedule, and that have received some funding for all or part of the film or video. Projects of any length, genre or subject matter will be accepted. The Producer should have a work sample or rough cut available for preview as well as a budget and treatment plan. We do not accept completed films. Producers maintain all copyright and ownership to his/her film or video. Once accepted into the program, the Producer is asked to sign an agreement that outlines both parties’ obligations. All services are free to the producer, but Firelight asks the producers for an acknowledgment in the film.

Firelight Media will be working with l5 to 20 producers annually. If you think you may be a good candidate, please fill out the ONLINE APPLICATION. Only producers who fill out the online application will be considered.