nullYou know him. You love him. Well OK, not everyone loves him. Especially that long-time mistress of his, or those other women with whom he got a bit… "too friendly" with.

But if you think you've seen the last of former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain, guess again.

Starting tomorrow, on the Fourth of July, Cain will officially launch Cain TV – an internet TV channel which Cain promises "is real American everything…" (HUH?)… and is destined "to be a new kind of entertainment."

Don't believe him? Just take a look at the video below, which shows the kind of scintillating and "American" programming that you'll be seeing on Cain TV , such as comedian (?) Kivi Rodgers who was part of the comedy stand up team Clean Guys of Comedy ("Good clean comedy that the whole family can enjoy").

Of course he didn't say anything about coonish behavior. Dirty jokes, he has a problem with, but not acting like Mantan Moreland.

If you're not feeling Kivi Rodgers, there's also Street Smarts with Lewis Brown, who promises "My mouth don't write checks my ass can't cash."

Talk about must see TV.

And if that's not enough, Cain will also start his new radio talk show in January 2013.

Like I said, you haven't seen the last of him. He's just getting started.