On Saturday, Toriona Latice,18, from Stuttgart, Arkansas, sprinkled Black girl joy on her Twitter timeline when she revealed she applied to 54 schools and was accepted into all of them with five full-ride scholarships and received over $1,379,000 in scholarship funds.

BlavityU had the chance to speak with Latice about her recent success, college plans, and more.

Her Twitter @torionalatrice was hit with widespread support with over 17k retweets, 3,236 Quote retweets, and 214.8k likes in counting.

Supporters and doubters came to Latice’s page to share their mixed opinions about the soon-to-be college freshman’s choice of applying to 54 institutions, questioning how much time she has on her hands and the amount of money she spent on college applications.

Latice held nothing back when addressing the negative nancy’s who felt her ‘over-achievement was “extra.”

“I’d like to say- I saw the potential in myself. I am a role model to 4 younger siblings, started a business, work a part-time job, play sports, and still manage to stay involved in school, maintain a 4.0 GPA, my mental health, and a social life,” Latice said.