Ashley Walters has revealed that he'll appear in the hit BBC show Doctor Who for next season/series.

The rapper/actor/writer/producer recently finished shooting with Doctor Who star Matt Smith in Cardiff, and will appear in at least one episode of the show next year.

The actor shared in a recent PA interview:

"I'm sworn to secrecy – I don't want to be killed by the Doctor Who police! I can't tell you anything about Doctor Who. I wasn't even allowed to tweet pictures or anything, I was really upset about that. I did tweet one picture in my trailer and I got in huge trouble with the producers on my first day so I'm not saying anything any more about it. But it was amazing working with Matt Smith for a few weeks."

As we've already reported, Walters seems to be one of very few UK black talents who works consistently in the UK, both in front and behind the camera.

In addition to his upcoming work in the second season of the 4-part acclaimed TV drama series Top Boy, as well as the UK version of Bad Boys that he and Noel Clarke are working on, Walters revealed that he's directed a new TV pilot, which he is currently pitching to UK networks.

"It's called The Charlatans. In a nutshell it's a mixture between Entourage and Hustle. Everyone was sad with the loss of Hustle, I know I was, I used to love it. So we've done a similar concept, but with a group of kids who go out and do a different con every episode, it's a really nice piece, really funny comedy, drama. It's good."

Hustle was a 2007 BBC series which starred Ashley Walters, which told a similar narrative of wayward kids and cons.

You can also catch Walters in Sky 1's Sinbad (co-starring Sophie Okonedo and others), which SyFy recently picked up Stateside rights to for an early 2013 release.