Just a reminder that ASPiRE’s new talk show, Exhale, hosted by Angela Burt-MurrayErin Jackson, Issa RaeMalinda Williams and Rene Syler, makes its debut on the new cable TV network tonight, June 27 at 8pm.
Exhale, which is ASPiRE’s 3rd original series, is directed by Victoria Mahoney, and produced by Lynne Robinson and Black Robin Media.

An 8-episode first run is set to debut on tonight, and based on what I’ve seen thus far, as well as what I know of some of the talent involved, I’m definitely curious to see what they’ve been cooking up here. Too bad that I don’t have the channel, so I won’t be able to watch it. But episodes may be made available on ASPiRE’s website after they broadcast.

ASPiRE, launched in June 2012, was selected by Comcast from among over 100 candidates as one of four new minority-owned independent TV networks, and expectations are that the new network will be available in 20 to 30 million homes by the end of this year.

Watch 6 new clips below, starting with an extended behind-the-scenes preview, followed by brief intros by each host: