Atlanta native Nicky Crawford is trying to support the city’s expanding unhoused population through his latest initiative. He has converted a school bus into a mobile laundry service, delivering clean clothes and a renewed sense of dignity to those in need.

According to 11 Alive, Crawford enlisted a team of engineering students from Georgia Tech to help bring his vision to life with his retirement funds. Now, the vehicle is a fully functioning mobile laundry room serving the unhoused community.

“What we’re trying to do is get them clothes they can have for the week so they can change clothes because a lot of times it’s not them that smell, it’s the clothes,” Crawford explained to the outlet.

Crawford is no stranger to helping those less fortunate than himself. He came up with the idea of a mobile laundry service just months after launching his business, Flowing with Blessings Inc. The initiative features a shower trailer that assists those who have lived on the street for years and cannot maintain basic health needs.

By filling these critical gaps, Crawford ensures that these individuals receive essential services, feel better about themselves, and know someone is looking out for them.

Crawford unveiled the laundry bus on Wednesday at a Juneteenth event in downtown Atlanta. He and his family collaborated with several local organizations to offer people haircuts, hot meals, and a space to relax and be themselves.

“I tell them when they come here, this is a family environment. We want you to come here. Feel comfortable. Get you something to eat. Get you a shower,” Crawford said, per 11 Alive.

In explaining his deep-rooted commitment to helping others, especially those facing hardship, Crawford emphasized, “I have always had a love for people who were less fortunate because I think I told you … other than the grace of God, this could be me.”