“Mr. Boyega said he learned to play Moses by watching the laconic drug dealers from Season 4 of “The Wire.” He explained, “I knew I wouldn’t have a lot of dialogue, so it means telling the story through your eyes all the time… The film has vastly increased his visibility, helping him land an agent at CAA… he is already making regular trips to Los Angeles to pursue new projects and fantasizing about a full-time Hollywood life…”

From a New York Times profile of Attack The Block star, John Boyega, whom I and others have compared to a young Denzel Washington (or at least what we envision a young Denzel Washington to have looked, sounded and acted like).

Interesting what he said about taking his acting cues from The Wire, isn’t it?

Also, glad that he’s landed an agent stateside. As I suggested in my review of the film, the force is strong with this one. I expect we’ll be seeing a lot more of him in coming years. Hopefully he’s offered a nice variety of roles, and is selective in the decisions he makes.

We’re watching you John 🙂

Read the full NY Times piece HERE.