Alright so here’s the deal guys – my laptop crashed last week, and I’ve been working to retrieve the data off the drive, but, as of today, given up on that task, after spending time and money without success.

Why do you care? Well, you see, your mailing addresses (the 5 of you who won the DVDs in the contest) were on that laptop, in my Microsoft Outlook inbox. And, even though I clearly know better, I hadn’t backed up my hard drive in about a month, so everything I had on that drive is GONE! And I’ve been kicking myself over the last several days, wondering how the hell I’m going to recreate the many files I had sitting on that drive (I lost a lot of porn too, but that’s easy to get back; that’s what the Internet’s for, but that’s another story :)).

So anyway, I need all five of you to send me your mailing addresses again, so that I can FINALLY send you the DVDs you won fair and square.

This time however, send them to my Gmail account at

Sorry for the hold-up and thanks for being patient!

Once I get your addresses, I will ship the disks out ASAP.