Facebook fan page screen captureI continue to receive emails from readers telling me that they haven’t been seeing our Facebook posts; here’s a simple way to fix that. 

Announced last week Friday, Facebook has introduced a new "See First" option that will allow users to actually control what appears at the very top of your news feed. That’s right, they’re giving you control over what you see, and not the other way around.

The tool lets you prioritize friends and liked pages so that you see what you’re interested in first, not what Facebook thinks you’re interested in. Good news for us, and for you as well!

So here’s what you have to do:

– Go to the S&A Facebook page, and (assuming you’re already following S&A on Facebook) place your mouse over the *Like* button, which will then reveal a drop-down menu. And within that menu, select the "See First" option. And once you do that, recent S&A posts will appear at the top of your news feed with a star, while the rest will appear below as usual (see above image for a visual).

This new feature is obviously a step in the right direction, giving users more control over what they see: “We continue to try and better find the most meaningful posts for users,” said Greg Marra, Facebook’s News Feed product manager.

So, head over to the S&A Facebook page right now, and select the "See First" option, as instructed above: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shadow-And-Act/158448735624.