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BriNicole24 Brianna Rhodes

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7 Hacks to Save Money Going Into The New Year

It’s that time of the year again. The time where we reflect on this year’s triumphs and downfalls, and also taking the time to learn from them to prepare for the upcoming year.Along with the new year comes new resolutions that we all hope to uphold (at least for the first couple of months). One big resolution that we all live by other than the ‘new year, new me’...

Cash v. Credit Card Debate: Which One Is Better?

The decision between using a credit card or cash can be a hard thing to do. There’s pros and cons with each, but it ultimately boils down to which one will benefit you the most financially.Many people advocate that credit cards are better because they are more convenient and are easily accessible. While others believe cash is better because they can be used in case of emergencies...

4 Easy Ways To Teach Kids About Financial Literacy

When it comes to finances, it’s never too late to teach your kids about the importance of money management and savings. It’s been known that children learn at a rapid pace in their early years, and financial literacy is one of the skills that should be taught to kids early on.Investing in your kids’ future isn’t just about making sure they receive a great...