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Why Congress Must Protect Black And Latino Americans From Russian Operatives’ Social Media Experiment In 2020

It’s a common sentiment among communities of color that U.S. lawmakers don’t always have their unique obstacles and systematic roadblocks top of mind. For this reason, many of these citizens have decided to disengage from the democratic process, in turn compounding the effects of ongoing disenfranchisement.As public servants, we make a commitment to protect and fight for the...

Why Diversity Really Doesn’t Matter In Children’s Literature

Diversity. What comes to mind when you hear that word? In my experiences, as the author of the Callaloo children’s book series, it’s a word that doesn’t matter.In the U.S. the word diversity is touted around as if the act dismantles bias. For the last six years, I have engulfed myself in the independent children’s publishing industry, with no prior experience as...