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J.Grace Jeremiah Grace


Jeremiah Grace is the Connecticut State Director for the Northeast Charter Schools Network, the membership and advocacy organization for Connecticut and New York charter schools. With two decades of political involvement and activism, Jeremiah’s support of school choice is rooted in his lifelong ministry as an advocate for social justice. Jeremiah previously served as National Regional Director for Project Vote, head of the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey’s Racial Justice program, and is a former member of the Elizabeth Board of Education in Elizabeth, NJ -- the youngest Commissioner ever elected to that board.

J.Grace's posts

Thoughts On Being Black, Proud And In Support Of School Choice

In ratifying a resolution to issue a moratorium on charter schools, the NAACP - despite its storied history of defending the civil rights of black and brown people in America - has made the same mistake that the majority has made about us for years: Assuming (wrongly) that black folks are a monolith. But I’m here to let you know:You can be black.  You can be proud.  And...