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LateciaRising Latecia Johnson


LaTecia Johnson, aka LaTecia Rising, is a writer and digital entrepreneur bridging the gap between art, music and technology. Through her company, Visionary Rising Agency, she helps brands and influencers reach the audiences they covet by establishing authentic connections. She believes that technology is the great equalizer, but music and the arts are the things that tie us all together and move the world forward. She is committed to being a change agent, pushing creative endeavors forward, one project and think-piece at a time.

LateciaRising's posts

Why I'm Not Here For H&M’s Apology

Most of the world did a collective side-eye at the nerve, the gall, of H&M to feature a campaign in which a little black boy had the words “monkey” and “jungle” prominently displayed across his chest. Like most people, I was nauseated at the image, but I do not want to focus on it. I want to forget the outrage of the moment and take an honest and truthful...

6 Tips To Make Your 2018 As Epic As Cardi B's 2017

2017 was a year filled with tough lessons — some of which led to losses (here's looking at you, 45), and others that led to wins. Perhaps the biggest takeaway from this easily forgettable year is that anyone can and will succeed, as long as they can find and cater to the right fan base. Unlike 45, Cardi B’s rise has been widely celebrated by all who have followed her...

Music Therapy: The Lessons In Ctrl From The 30 Something Perspective

Sza’s Ctrl album is a masterpiece and beautiful depiction of a young woman coming to terms with, and taking control of, her own healing.  While the album has many stand out tracks, it ends with one of the more talked about cuts:“20 something”. The song is an exploration of all the angst -riddled, will I or won’t  I get my ish together and finally...