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Malinda Janay Malinda Janay

22 year old writer from Cleveland, OH destined for coastal living. Deep thinker, wine drinker. Contact me: malindajny@gmail.com

Malinda Janay's posts

It's Time To Get Nappy: From The Creators Of SHADE Comes A New Stock Photo Brand Specifically For Black Users

A few months ago, we covered the new multicultural marketing agency, SHADE. The entire purpose of SHADE is to address the lack of diversity within the influencer marketplace. SHADE was the first to do anything like this, becoming a management and talent agency ready to elevate black and brown creators who lead as influencers, in the fashion, travel, wellness, lifestyle, and...

10 Black Owned Vegan And Cruelty Free Makeup Brands You Need To Try

If you're a makeup lover, or even just someone who wants to know more about makeup, you know that there is a huge market out there. With so many brands and products, it can be very easy to get confused and not even know where to start. It can be especially hard to find products that specifically cater to black skin and our many varieties. More and more black owners are giving us the...