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Malinda Janay Malinda Janay

22 year old writer from Cleveland, OH destined for coastal living. Deep thinker, wine drinker. Contact me:

Malinda Janay's posts

Ice T's Wife, Coco, Wants You To Get Off Her Because Her Cornrows Aren't About Race

Well, once again, a non-black person is tired of y'all crying cultural appropriation when they're just trying to live their life, ok. Ice T's wife, Coco Austin, better known as "Coco," has received some backlash ever since she posted a picture of her hair in cornrows and referred to it as the "coco swoop." Whether people were simply mad that she...

20 Of The Funniest Black Men On Instagram That'll Have You Laughing For Days

Social media has opened up a whole new world, and one avenue we appreciate is our Instagram comedians. Anytime you need a quick laugh throughout the day, you can check your timeline to see silly skits, dances, and voiceovers. There is an abundance of hilarious men and women on Instagram, so we've decided to put together 20 of the funniest black men on Instagram that everyone should...