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Manseen is a cultural commentator and fufu & soup connoisseur. Find her on the internet at Manseen4change.villagetales.com .

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10 Great Animated Movie Voices That Happen To Be Black, And The Controversy Of James Baskett

The holiday season opens up all kinds of nostalgia, but the most reminiscent moments are the times from childhood spent watching our favorite cartoons and animated movies. Recently, I began running through a mental catalogue of my favorite animated characters. Doesn’t everyone blackout into useless thoughts when they have real important deadlines? That catalogue turned into...

These Gorgeous Brown Queens Running For Miss World Will Mesmerize You

Did you know Halle Berry represented USA in the 1986 Miss World Pageant?  In fact, she was the first African-American Miss World contestant. I just learned about that little piece of #BlackGirlMagic history.This year, 120 pageant queens from around the globe will compete for the Miss World crown in Sanya, China. The finals will take place on Saturday November 18....

What Waka Flocka Should Understand About The Blackness He Rejects

Each time a brown-skinned American celebrity denounces their African roots, headlines pop up all over the web and the dragging begins.  In the '90s, OJ Simpson was “just OJ.” In 2014, Raven-Symoné claimed to be “just American.” Now in 2017, rapper Waka Flocka joins the pack as a “confused other.” His words, not mine.The rapper unloads...