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Rick Hoskins is a respected financial advisor with Edward Jones, and the former V.P. of Wealth Management for HSBC International Bank. His office partners with clients to develop tailored financial plans to meet a variety of financial goals. Whether you are a business owner or someone looking to build and protect wealth, Rick Hoskins is passionate about assisting your financial planning and educating our communities. He can be reached at edwardjones.com/rick-hoskins.

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GoFundMe Is Not Life Insurance

Most people understand that social media is the new forefront of communication. Whether you are buying or selling, looking for love or just want to read up on the latest alternative facts, you know social media’s power of connecting people and needs. GoFundMe is a well-known tool that helps connect people with needs. GoFundMe is a website that allows users to create products...

8 Habits Of Highly Successful People

Many people constantly dream of success. Whether it’s landing a new job, starting a business or becoming the best version of ourselves, bettering your habits plays a major role. Most people can name someone who is successful but few understand how they got there. Did you know our subconscious activities make up 40 percent of our work hours? This means the things we do out of habit...

6 Questions That Will Make You Re-Think Buying Your Next Pair of Jordans

Are there a pair of Jordans on your feet? Do you own almost every pair? Well if so, you may have been unknowingly robbing yourself for the last 32 years. In 1984, Michael Jordan and Nike released their first-ever pair of Nike Air Jordan sneakers, retailed at around $60. Every year since they were first released, Nike has offered a new version of the shoes, with prices increasing...