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TerrenceCraft Terrence Craft


Terrence Alonzo Craft is an African American poet, writer, musician, photographer, and orator from Chicago, IL. Channeling his life experiences into the written word, Craft published his debut collection of poetry, entitled "The Seed Bridge" in 2016. He has worked in education, social-emotional counseling, and community development, for nationally funded nonprofits and in the nation’s fourth largest public school system.

TerrenceCraft's posts

How Male Rompers Highlighted The Toxic Male Fragility And Homophobia In The Black Community

In April, aChicago-based company, called ACED Design, introduced the Romphim, a traditional romper rebranded with a “masculine” name to appease male fragility. After posting a few teaser pictures of various frat-bros posing in their rompers on Instagram, the company began raising capital for their vision on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. What began as a...

4 Ways To Support Friends And Family With Mental Illnesses

For many years, discussing and admitting mental illness was a taboo, mired in shame. In our community, we denied the existence of mental illness and the necessity for treatment. We distrusted psychologists and their medicines. We attributed our troubles to an ancient supernatural nemesis, and threw ourselves on altars and in the hands of our preachers and church congregations. We...

Drake & Dancehall: Why Drake's Music Isn't Appropriation

When I heard that Drake had released a new album, I rushed to listen because, since 2009, he’s given me the perfect song for the summer. Drake always had an affinity for reggae, even in his early works, but he went full dancehall on us with his 2016 hits “One Dance” and “Controlla”. His latest project, More Life, features more of the same with songs like...