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TerrenceCraft Terrence Craft


Terrence Alonzo Craft is a poet, writer, musician, photographer, and orator from Chicago, IL. Channeling his life experiences into the written word, Craft published his debut collection of poetry, entitled "The Seed Bridge" in 2016. He has worked in education, social-emotional counseling, and community development, for nationally funded nonprofits and in the nation’s fourth largest public school system. He is the founder and chief executive officer of The Civil Regeneration Fellowship, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides services to schools, families, and communities-in-need in the four areas of Education, Mental Health, Community Development, and the Arts.

TerrenceCraft's posts

How Eminem's Freestyle Against White Supremacy Secured His Invitation To The Cookout

The second semester of seventh grade was when Eminem impacted my life. Growing up, I was often the subject of abuse. I was a nerd, unathletic, a bit feminine, had dark skin and African features at a time when that wasn’t popular, and “talked too proper” according to my classmates. I was bullied constantly, leaving me loomy, despondent, rejected,...

How Cam Newton Became The Black Scapegoat For Sports Sexism

Cam Newton is one of the most incredibly gifted and successful NFL quarterbacks in modern history. He has been the NFL’s number one draft pick, secured the coveted Heisman Trophy, been named NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, broke NFL all-time records for passing and rushing yards, became the first quarterback to throw 400 yards in a first game, been named NFL Offensive...

How Male Rompers Highlighted The Toxic Male Fragility And Homophobia In The Black Community

In April, aChicago-based company, called ACED Design, introduced the Romphim, a traditional romper rebranded with a “masculine” name to appease male fragility. After posting a few teaser pictures of various frat-bros posing in their rompers on Instagram, the company began raising capital for their vision on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. What began as a...