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_mighty5's posts

Loudest Party On The Block: Urban Fetes' Silent Parties Are Sweeping The Nation

Black-owned event production group Urban Fetes knows how to make social gatherings and celebrations unique, interactive, distinguished and downright fun as hell. By introducing the Silent Party to the social scene, this organization has changed how we experience and interact with music by letting us party with more intent and personalization. Imagine going to a party with your...

Here Are Just A Few Of Chicago’s Rising Young Poets We All Should Support

The city of Chicago is not estranged when it comes to rhymes and rhythm. A vibrant hub of creativity, the Windy City has helped cultivate some of the most gifted writers, lyricists, poets the Midwest and world have seen. Poetry has now nested in Chicago through programs like Young Chicago Authors, the Poetry Foundation, Slam Works, and more being the foundations of the growing...

Destress Your Tresses: Alodia Hair Care Reinvents Natural Hair Maintenance for WOC

No matter how effortless our selfies often times make it appear to be, the growth, consistency, and maintenance of hair is no easy feat. Women of all races and ethnicities have had and continue to have bouts with the simple inquiry “what will I do to my hair, today?” For some of us, we take it even further than styling; we are women seeking hair management and growth. We...