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aatwell3 Ashleigh Atwell

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The Gut-Wrenching Lynching Memorial And Museum Opens In Alabama To Acknowledge The 'Pain And Agony' Of Black People

A new memorial dedicated to acknowledging the horrors of lynching in America opened today in Alabama.The National Memorial for Peace and Justice is in Montgomery and begins with a jarring image of six enslaved black people chained by their necks, including a mother gripping a baby.Bryan Stevenson, founder and director of the Equal Justice Initiative, the organization responsible for the...

Apparently, Lakeith Stanfield Is The Erik Killmonger We Never Knew We Needed. Just Watch.

Lakeith Stanfield is a certified fool, y'all. The Atlanta star posted a hilarious Instagram video of him doing his best Erik Killmonger impression. Ever the method actor, he donned a wig and stuffed something under his shirt to give himself those ripped Michael B. Jordan muscles.If i got casted as Killmonger ✊🏻A post shared by Lakeith Stanfield (@lakeithstanfield3) on Apr 25,...