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Gospel Singer Anita Wilson Tells Us What She Loves Most About Touring

As a pastor’s daughter, Anita Wilson was always destined to be the gospel sensation that she is. Her father was musical as well, so it was a part of her foundation. When she moved to Chicago and Donald Lawrence heard her sing live and she got to be a part of Donald Lawrence and Company, that’s when things took off. She’s an advocate of letting things happen naturally...

Arch Grants Global Startup Competition brings success to startups in St. Louis

For a chance at $50,000, tell your fellow business partners to “Meet Me in St. Louis.”If you’re behind an innovative and scalable for-profit startup and you can run that business out of St. Louis for at least one year, you’re qualified to apply for the Arch Grants Global Startup Competition.The competition is open to all industries, and is held by Arch Grants,...

Kaanon MacFarlane Of Pinterest Shares The Importance Of Being A Pioneer

Kaanon MacFarlane has a stellar career as a software engineer at Pinterest, but his entrance into the tech world comes through something super relatable — video games. The Los-Angeles native who now resides in the Bay originally wanted to be a video game creator. He went to college to pursue that dream and learned to code before transitioning into web technologies. But familiar...