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How The Women Of 'Survivor’s Remorse' Steal The Show

Survivor’s Remorse is an acclaimed STARZ Original Series centered around a professional basketball player and his family. Although the male leads are the center of the plot lines, anyone who’s watched the stories unfold has probably noticed how the black women on the cast steal the show. They are diverse, outspoken, confident and successful. They are loving, stubborn...

Brian Courtney Wilson Dishes On Inspiration And Finding Your Purpose

When Brian Courtney Wilson first moved to Houston, he served at a church there and met a man he really admired named Hank Mill. Mr Mill has since passed away, but Wilson saw the way he was able to integrate what he was doing in music ministry into the everyday lives of people at the church.“I saw where the music that we were doing mattered,” he says, “Not just on...

McDonald's Community Choice Youth Award aims to reward outstanding young women

Teenagers are the future — and some of them are making an outstanding impact on their communities already. Do you know a teen girl like this? If so, nominate her for the fourth annual 365Black Community Choice Youth Award for a chance to win a $10,000 scholarship.McDonald’s USA and the Thurgood Marshall College Fund partnered up for the award, which is open to female youth...