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10 Terms You Should Know to be an Informed Advocate for Black Lives Matter

On Dec. 28, the Cuyahoga County prosecutor announced that neither Cleveland officer involved in the murder of 12-year-old Tamir Rice would face any charges and be held accountable by the criminal justice system for his death. We are outraged, angry, and distraught — and understandably so. However, whatever we felt yesterday we have to channel into productive energy today so that we...

This Morning at Harvard Law School We Woke Up to a Hate Crime

This morning at Harvard Law School we woke up to a hate crime. The hallways of Harvard Law School are lined with portraits of every tenured professor in the history of the university. As a first-year law student, the first time that I walked down those hallways I was painfully aware of the white men that take up most of the space on the walls, but also proud to see black professors...