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mjboddie Maya J. Boddie

Hampton Alumna. DMV. Podcast obsessed. Co-host of @BareSoulPod on SoundCloud. Rooting for everybody black.

mjboddie's posts

Nine Men In Politics, Pop Culture And Podcasts To Look Up To

Earlier this year, I wrote a piece titled Nine Black Women in Politics, Pop Culture And Podcasts To Look Up To. I think it's about time to recognize the brothers who are standing on the front lines for the black community in their own ways as well. Some you know, and hopefully you can learn about others. Although the list could go on, here are nine black men who currently...

How To Take Care Of Yourself By Focusing On Your Mind, Body & Soul

2017 has seemingly been the year for self-love and self-care. I've noticed a trend via social media about focusing on oneself and creating a better and happier life mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It makes sense and is definitely important for our well-being. Most especially, self-care is necessary during the height of social media impact, when it's easier to focus on...

Black Millennials: Stop Saying "We Are Not Our Grandparents"

Do Twitter fingers seem to be more effective than holding hands? There's a recent phenomenon I've been noticing across social media platforms that is seemingly a little disturbing to me. Younger black people, my peers, have been insisting that we will not just sit back and be disrespected and mistreated by our racist, white nationalist counterparts, but will retaliate with...