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How Steve Harvey’s Challenging Road To Success Inspired Me

Yesterday, I stumbled across Steve Harvey's episode of Oprah’s Master Class podcast. Aside from inspiring me to the point of tears at my desk (yes, my desk, and you’ve done it too), he dropped some major life keys. From his story, I learned that in the case of dreams, you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.Steve left his job and home life at 27-ish...

Why You Should Drop The Frenemy And Finally Let Your Guard Down With A Real Friend

So, how many frenemies do you have? I know it sounds crazy. You’re probably thinking, “Of course I don’t have frenemies! I’m too grown for that!” Well, I’m not exactly talking about the Regina George and Cady Heron relationship. I’m talking about people who try to compete with you, people who keep it friendly with you because being negative and...